The Vulcan Hotel is said to be New Zealands most haunted hotel.

As the story goes, sometime in the early 1880’s many itinerant young ladies

were lured to the mine fields in hope of finding a better life. One of these girls

was a prosititute called Rosie, a gifted singer she worked the dance halls while

she rented a room at the Vulcan Hotel. One night she invited the wrong client

back to her room and she was strangled and robbed of her gold (payments for

services rendered). Her body was thrown into the lake and her killer has never

been caught.

Many visitors to Room 1 at the Vulcan Hotel report encounters with Rosie. She

is said to prefer to make herself known to the male guests with them commonly

claiming to have been pushed into the bed.

Spend a night in Room 1… If you dare!

Paranormal New Zealand

Author: Mark Wallbank

Author: Mark Wallbank

At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

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Is there a Ghost in Room 1?

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